The following are those that have currently filed for election in the County Clerk’s Office. 

Will be updated each week until 1/7/22

Henry County Attorney:

Kassidy Rae Dees

Henry County Judge Executive:

Scott Bates (R)

Ricky Doyle (R)

Jakob Beckley (D)

Kelly Dockter (R)

Henry County Clerk:

Shanda Archer

Henry County Sheriff:

Keith A Perry

Henry County Circuit Clerk:

Jennifer Rankin

Henry County PVA:

Jason Scriber

Henry County Jailer:

Scott Southworth

Henry County Coroner:

Mike Paris

Magistrate District 1:

Ed Frederick

Magistrate District 2:

Sherman Wilson Jr (D)

Roger M Hartlage (R)

Magistrate District 3:

Bill Tapp (R)

Bernie L Wade Sr (R)

Magistrate District 4:

Danny Ray Shain (R)

Hugh McBurney (R)

Chuck Smith (D)

Magistrate District 5:

Bradley L Fisher (R)

William T Rearden (R)

Scott Craigmyle (R)

Magistrate District 6:

Jerry Beasley (D)

Carl Tingle (R)

Constable District 2:

David Michael Robinson

Constable District 3:

Richard F Castrati

Constable District 4:

Gary Ervin

Constable District 5:

Harold Aldridge

Constable District 6:

Roger Beasley