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Second Wind Dreams

Second Wind Dreams is an international non-profit organization that works to enhance the quality of life for seniors while at the same time helping to change the perception of aging. 


Our Henry County chapter began in 2006 as a project sponsored by the Henry County Extension Council.  Since that time we have made over 600 dreams come true for elders living in our local Nursing Home, Assisted Living, participants at the Senior Center and independent living seniors.   The idea is that by fulfilling the dreams of the seniors they are stimulated both physically and mentally as they receive the attention that they deserve.

We’ve all heard the Cinderella saying, “A Dream is a wish your heart makes”.  Dreams are as individual as our own genetic make-up and are different at every stage of our lives. 

In general, there are eight categories of Dreams that seniors have:

  • Relationship Based Dreams-getting to see family or friends they may not have seen in years.

  • Need Based Dreams-these dreams may seem small to us but as residents are unable to obtain needed items themselves, they enjoy new clothing, lap robes, headphones, a watch…

  • Relive Past Experiences-they may want to do something one more time-attend a play, visit the golf course…

  • Dreams for Fun-a ride in a convertible, dinner out, a ride in an airplane or a visit from an Elvis Impersonator all dispel the myth that people go to nursing homes to die.

  •  Life Long Dreams-a graduation ceremony to receive their high school diploma that was missed during WWII

  •  Dreams to do something for someone else-being able to provide a special staff member with a box of candy

  •  Spiritual Based Dreams--getting a gospel CD, visiting their church, having a concert by a church choir

  •  Quality of Life-dreams that benefit a large number of residents-a gazebo, rocking chairs for a patio, a community garden

  • If you, or a group you know would like to get involved you can contact us for dream suggestions, or if you would like to make a donation to our committee you can send a check to:  Henry County Extension Council, Box 246, New Castle, KY  40050 (note that it is for Second Wind Dreams).

  • If you would like to volunteer with our committee, we meet at Twin Oaks Assisted Living at 1:30 on the second Thursday of the month and we are always looking for new volunteers. (check due to Covid)

  • We were able to completely re-decorate that Nursing Home Beauty Shop a few years ago due to the generosity of a resident’s family who noted in her obituary:  Donations to Second Wind Dreams in lieu of flowers.  So please remember this option.

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