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  Hope Community Center


Currently Serving:

*TCCAA Home Health Care: In home care for the elderly and or disabled, also providing transportation to clients to get to and from doctor's appointments with in the Tri County.

Contact: Courtney Alexander. Phone:502-518-0524

Web: www.tccaaky.org

Email: calexander@tccaaky.org


Contact: Renee Walters Phone:270-315-2319

Email: renee.walters@kentuckianaworks.org

*CommonHealth: Health care services organization, specializing in outpatient care for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder and mental health. Monday – Thursday 9am to 6pm.

Contact: Joey Mashni Phone:859-806-3502

Web: www.commonhealthky.com

Email: Joey@commonhealthky.com

*SevenCounties: Community mental health provider, that offers mental and behavioral health services, Substance abuse treatment, and intellection and developmental disability services.

 Contact: Elizabth Jackson, PHD Phone: 502-222-7210

Web: www.sevencounties.org

Email: ejackson@sevencounties.org

*JCTC SkillsU: GED and ESL classes. Every Thursdays 9:30am-12pm

Contact: Melinda Roberts Phone:502-686-0724

Email: mroberts0286@kctcs.edu

*Kipda: Certified Assister for Medicaid Applicants. Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Contact: Leslie Cusick Phone:502-266-5571 Web: www.kipda.org

Email: Leslie.cusick@kipda.org






NabVets- To be announced a later date.

Rotary: Every Monday at 12pm.

AA: Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday 7pm to 8pm.

NA: Every Thursday 7pm to 8pm.

OA: Every Monday 7pm to 8pm.

To Come:

Parenting Classes: To be announced at a later time.

Domestic Violence Meetings: To be announced at a later time.

CPS Visitations by Appointment: Contact: Liz Hubbard  Phone:502-222-1349

Liz Hubbard  Email: lhubbard@tccaaky.org